I’m an olsen twin

My post today is what I have been wearing for a few days now I love it so much xD. One of my favourite colours is Navy Blue!. and when I heard that Color me HOF had a sale on I was hoping to go get the boots in a differant colour that I allready have or even my socks that go with them bt they were not there. I did pick up this jacket and bag though! and a bustier RESULT!
alsotdr Fusion making an appearance inthis amazing fure scarf with pearls. Its really nice I love it and looks great with this outfit. Sorry for being so slack recently woith posting but festivities in rl. Also today the new Broken heart necklace from Leo-NT making an appearance again 🙂 Enjoy

blue navy

Skin – AlVulo – Jade winter snow fairy
Lashes ~ Redgrave – Diva
Hair ~ Taketomi – Marie – Platinums
Nails ~ Pixel Fashion – Collection AA
Ring ~ Leo-NT – My Deer Ring – gold
Ring 2 ~ Leo-NT – My bubble ring Silver – Snow
Necklace ~ Leo-NT – Broken Heart Necklace – Silver
Jacket ~ *Colour Me HOF* – Scarlet Blazer – Purple
Skirt /Shirt ~ Apple May Designs – Pucker Up (Not all)
Shoes ~ *GF* – Alex Strap Shoes – Grey
Scarf/necklaces ~ *coco* Fur Tippet& Pearls – TDR Fusion
Bag ~ Colour Me HOF – The Olsen – Silver
Bow – Blah – Gatcha


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